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Cloth Nappy Controversy & Challenge

Added on 10 December 2010 in Darlings Downunder, Out & About

Recently there's been quite a controversy going on in cloth nappy circles in the US.
Back in November, Natali Morris (del Conte) a presenter on CBS News did a segment on cloth versus disposables. It was the standard fare - not really looking at the options available in cloth nowadays. Here it is:

Anyway, the reaction from many in the cloth diapering community was outrage. Perhaps (as some of the comments suggested) it was merely the build up of years of frustration for cloth advocates who've been trying to get the message out that cloth nappies have changed, only to see the same old myths recycled yet again on national television. Some of the feedback to the segment was totally unacceptable - especially the personal attacks on Natali's parenting choices.

Natali, however, took it all on board and accepted a 'cloth diapering challenge'. She would use cloth nappies on her son for a month.

And she did. She had a false start, realised she wasn't quite prepared, and started again. She tried several types, blogged about her experiences here, and here, got her husband and nanny on board, and even travelled with cloth.

The result after a month? She's a convert to cloth and she did another segment on CBS News' Eye on Parenting all about cloth nappies. Apparently the producers weren't keen on doing another segment on nappies - but she insisted because there was so much to show!

So, well done to Natali for taking up the challenge. And thanks for raising the profile of cloth, at least in the US!

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