9 Ways to Build a Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget

So, you're interested in using cloth nappies, you've done all your research into the different types, and narrowed your choices down to the ones you'd like in your stash. But paying for your cloth nappies upfront can seem really daunting. A full time modern cloth nappy stash can cost up to $500-800 - about the same as some of those brand name prams, but less than the $1,900 to $3,000+ it costs for disposable nappies for one child (per CHOICE Magazine). There are ways to reduce or spread the cost, though.

Traditional Options

Flat nappies and prefolds aren't as fancy as 'modern' cloth nappies, but that doesn't mean they aren't an effective option - and they're not as complicated as they might seem. Flats and prefolds are cheap, durable, versatile, and easy to care for. Invest in great covers, and you'll get many years of service out of your traditional nappies. If you're starting out on a budget and want to use cloth full time, start with a stash of flats or prefolds. You can add more 'modern' nappies later on as your finances allow.

Baby Shower/Gift Registry

Get your family and friends to pay for your cloth nappy stash! Set up a gift registry, or just tell them what you'd like for your Baby Shower. And if you're not sure yet what you want, ask for Gift Vouchers from your favourite cloth nappy shop so you can go shopping later :)

Gradual Purchase

This is a great option if you like the idea of cloth nappies, but are wary of investing a lot of money into them before you've really tried them. Buy anything from 1 to 6 nappies at a time to spread the cost and get a feel for a particular nappy before ordering more. Don't want to waste money on several lots of postage? Wait for free postage days or take into account any free postage offers (like our free shipping over $99).


The favourite choice of pregnant mums who want to have their entire stash all sorted and paid for before the baby arrives! AfterPay means you can choose your nappies and then pay them off gradually and have the delivered to you before the birth. While some people are wary of this - in case the nappy they choose don't work for them - there's no need to commit yourself to only one brand if you're not sure.

A great way to get a complete stash when you're not sure what you'll like/what will work for you is to select 4 nappies/brands and buy 6 of each. This way you're not putting all your eggs in one basket. The likelihood is that you may prefer some over the others, but they'll all work fine as part of a stash (and sometimes nappies that aren't great at the newborn stage work really well for older babies). If it turns out you really don't like one of the nappies, you can eventually replace just those ones, rather than an entire stash.

Share with a Friend

This works especially well for newborn nappies that are only worn for a few months. If you have a sister or a friend whose baby is due only a few months before or after yours (obviously not at the same time!), go in together to put together a great newborn stash. After the first baby has grown out of them and moved on to one size nappies, they'll still be in great conditions for the second baby. For half the cost!

Package Discounts

We offer discounts on packages of 6 nappies or more for most of the nappies we stock. 

Second Hand Nappies

If you're comfortable with using preowned cloth nappies, this can be a great way to get a stash on the cheap - especially if you can get 'hand me downs' from a friend for free. Be aware when purchasing second hand nappies, though, that you can't guarantee the use they have already had, or how they've been cared for. Also, before making a purchase, check the retail price of the nappy. You may be find that a brand new nappy, with warranty and after sales support, is not too much more.

Sew your Own

If you're handy with a sewing machine, you can find a pattern online and sew your own nappies from flats to prefolds to pockets and all-in-ones. If you're trying to save money, keep in mind that once you start using specialised fabrics you have to purchase online because they aren't stocked at your local Spotlight or Lincraft - like PUL or bamboo fleece - it gets more expensive.


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