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  • All In One Nappy

    The All-in-One (or AIO) style of modern cloth nappy is the simplest to use: the waterproof outer and the absorbency is built into an easy-to-use one piece reusable nappy.

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  • All in 2 Nappy

    All-in-2 style cloth nappies absorbent layers can be snapped in and out of the waterproof outer or put inside a built in pocket. This allows for faster drying times.

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  • Fitted Nappy

    A Fitted Nappy tends to be the most absorbent modern cloth nappy style, so are great for naps/nights or heavy wetters. The whole nappy is absorbent and needs a separate cover over the top to be waterproof.

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  • Prefold Nappy

    A prefold is a multi-layered nappy rectangle. You can fold them into thirds and pop them into a cover as an absorbent pad, or use one of several folds that secure with a Snappi. They are a cost effective way to cloth nappy your baby.

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Styles Of Cloth Nappies

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All in 2 Nappies

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