Which nappy for my needs?

Newborns, Heavy Wetters & Nighttime!


The fear of many parents is that One Size Fits Most Nappies will absolutely swim on their newborns, however keep in mind they do grow quickly! If you're   expecting a small newborn, there are some brands of OSFM (one size fits most) nappies that will fit a newborn more reliably than others, but sometimes the best option can be nappies designed specifically for newborns.

If you are after a nappy that fits neatly and contains well (newborns are notorious for explosive runny poos!) we recommend the Bubblebubs Bam Bams nappies. Use these in conjunction with a gussetted Thirsties Duo Wrap Nappy Cover for a snug fit. The Thirsties Duo Wrap's fit the same weight range as the BamBams (up to 8kg-well past the newborn stage on most babies) so are the ideal cover. The Bubblebubs BamBams give a trim fit.

There are also some great Newborn All-in One nappies available including Bubblebubs Pebbles, as well as all in 2s such as Seedling Baby Mini Fit.These are simple, easy to use and fit newborns beautifully. 

An economical option for cloth nappying your newborn is to use Prefolds with a cover. While the fit may not be as neat and snug as a fitted nappy, they will do the job and save you more money. The most budget friendly option is a basic Cotton prefold with a cover such as Thirsties sized cover. Or if funds allow, you can upgrade to a bamboo prefold such as Seedling baby Diversifolds. Bamboo prefolds are more absorbent, so are able to be used later on as extra boosting or inserts in other nappies.

Be sure to also check out Nappy Packages section - buy in bulk and save $$ on any of our nappy styles from fitted nappies to prefolds and covers. We have a Newborn Starter package which has a variety of the best nappies for newborns and enough for 12 nappy changes!

Heavy Wetters

If you have a heavy wetting bub on your hands, look for nappies/inserts which use Bamboo or Hemp in their absorbancy, as these are more absorbent than cotton or microfibre alone.

We've found that Bubblebubs Candies & Econaps & Seedling Baby nappies all very absorbent, and have worked well with my little heavy wetter! 

Baby Beehinds pocket nappies stuffed with both their bamboo inserts, are also a great option. Or you could try the new Baby Beehinds All in 2 nappy!

If you already have some pocket nappies(any brand!) try stuffing them with an extra bamboo or hemp booster for your heavy wetter, you may find that will do the trick.

If you have a SUPER heavy wetter, often the best leak proof solution can be a fitted nappy with a cover (PUL, wool or fleece). This is because the whole nappy is absorbent, not just the inserts along the centre of the nappy. We have some great fitted nappy options for heavy wetters, and can recommend the Baby Beehinds Bamboo as a top 'One Size' option. Teamed with a cover these works really on heavy wetters! Bubblebubs Bamboo Delights fitted nappies are also great (and have the most gorgeous soft bamboo velour!). These are also designed to fit birth to potty.

If you would like some more advice on brands/styles that might suit your bub, please email us, we are happy to help!


We have a few great options for night time when you need your nappy to go the distance.

Some babies who are light to medium wetters, don't necessarily need a dedicated night nappy, often, adding an extra booster to your babies current daytime nappy may be all that is needed.

Why not try a pocket?  Use a Seedling Baby One Size Nappy  or one of the other pocket nappies and BOOST (especially with bamboo boosters - it really holds on to liquid)!  

Fitted nappies with a wool or PUL cover over the top are great for medium overnight wetters. The Baby Beehinds Bamboo  are excellent for nighttime (or daytime!) and are great with a wool cover or if you prefer you could use a PUL cover instead, Thirsties  nappy covers are a great choice.

If you have a heavier wetter you may need a dedicated night nappy.

We  recommend: the Baby Beehinds Bamboo one size fits all nappy with a booster or their specialised Night Nappy - they come complete with 2 x different boosters and up to 23 layers of bamboo fabric in the wetzone.  Add an extra bamboo fold up and pop a Baby Beehinds wool cover over the top! If you prefer not to use a wool cover we have great range of PUL covers, including Thirsties.





Need extra boosting at night? 

Try the Baby Beehinds Fold Ups - so easy to use, so versatile and very absorbent. 

The Thirsties Hemp Inserts are also fabbo!   You can use these as an extra booster  inside another pocket or AIl in 2 nappy (you may need to use your nappies current insert/s at the same time to make sure you have enough absorbency)

Also try using a bamboo prefold in your pocket nappy too!