Reusable trainers and training pants

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Just because your child has started toilet training doesn't mean you need to go out and buy disposable pullup nappies. Depending on what stage your child is at and the level of their toilet awareness there are plenty of reusable options available.

If your child is really toilet aware, then the easiest option is to go straight to undies. Some children pick it up really quickly, almost overnight.

For those who are taking a bit longer, or tend to have accidents because something else has priority in their mind at the time, or who need the psychological boost of being out of nappies, but just aren't quite there yet, then have a look at reusable cloth trainers. For us, our little one took longer to catch on to toilet training, so we used undies at home, and used training pants when out and about (even on an interstate trip!). We didn't want to confuse her by using undies sometimes and nappies other times.

Daytime Trainers

We stock several different brands of daytime training pants. All contain some absorbancy, have waterproof outers to protect clothes and furniture, and some can be boosted to hold extra when needed, such as long car trips etc, when you may not have quick access to the toilet.

The Baby Beehinds Training Pants look like undies and pull up and down, just like undies, which littlies love. These are designed to catch one accident, so have some absorbency, and a snap in booster if you need extra- they're not designed to be a as much as a nappy though! They come in pullup styles so that children can get them on and off themselves easily - a must for success!  

Nighttime Trainers & Bedwetting Pants

For those children who are toilet trained during the day but still need something very absorbent overnight, then take a look at nighttime undies or bedwetting pants. These are often in a 'pull up' style and are absorbent enough for night wetting toddlers or older children. Super Undies Bedwetter Pants or Super Undies Chameleon Nighttime Undies are a popular option.

Brolly Sheets are also a  fantastic aid for nighttime, and come highly recommended by us. 

The most important thing you need for successful and stress free toilet training is patience. They'll get there...!