How to Fit and Adjust the Size of a Modern Cloth Nappy

Most cloth nappies are quite straight forward (for example the All-in-ones) but sometimes even the styles that appear easy might need some fine-tuning.

If you are getting leaks or having difficulties with the fit it may mean you are putting the nappy on incorrectly or your washing routine needs to be adjusted. Please ask us if you are having any problems - we want you to be happy with your choice of nappy/cover and want to make this as easy as possible for you!

If you feel like your child is growing out of their nappy before they should be (especially if it's a one size nappy) remember that these nappies are usually designed with quite stretchy elastic in the legs. If you stretch the leg elastic out by pulling on the front of the nappy as you're putting the nappy on, you may find your nappy grows larger and will fit your child a bit longer.

Here's a video showing how to fit a modern cloth nappy:


One Size Fits Most nappies adjust in several different ways, but the most common way is to adjust the length of the nappy by snapping down the rise (though folding the front of the nappy down to make it smaller is also popular).

Here's a video showing how to adjust a nappy with a snap down rise:

Confused? Please contact us for help. Want to have a look at some One Size nappies? Find our range here.