Swim Nappies & Reusable Swimmers for Babies

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So it’s summer and you’ll be spending time at the beach or the pool, or perhaps you’ve decided it’s time to start swimming lessons. And your little one needs swim nappies...

How do swim nappies work?

Whether you use disposable ‘Little Swimmers’ or reusable swim nappies, the main purpose of these products is to catch solids. No one wants ‘floaters’ in the pool! Public pools require a swim nappy on babies that will contain poo. Poo in the pool sometimes require evacuation and draining of the pool, and they don't want to deal with that! Wee is not considered an issue and most swim nappies aren’t designed contain urine. After all, I think we all know that it’s not just babies who wee in the pool - that’s why they use chlorine.

Can I just use a nappy?

You can’t use a regular disposable nappy - it swells up enormously, is heavy for a baby to haul around, and the drag compromises the seal around the legs. They can also split under the pressure of so much water and you end up with the innards of the disposable in the pool and stuck in the filter.

You can use part of a modern reusable or cloth nappy though. Don’t use a nappy which has the absorbency built in (it will get water sodden and drag), but you can use a Nappy Cover, or the shell of a Pocket nappy or All-in-2 nappy. Be aware that chlorine can be harsh on elastics and other components of reusable nappies, and may wear it out faster, especially if it’s used in the water a lot.

Seedling Baby Swim Nappies adjust to fit from 4 to 16kg and fasten with snaps for durability.

If your little one is going to be in the water a lot, it makes sense to get a dedicated reusable swim nappy, to save you money and reduce waste.

What to look for when choosing a reusable swim nappy

  • Easy to get on and off

There are essentially two styles of washable swim nappies: swimmers that pull on and off (these generally provide a lovely snug fit), and swimmers that fasten like a nappy does, making it easy to remove in case of an accident.

  • Snug fit around the legs and waist

Many swim nappies are sized so you can choose the size that will provide the best fit for your baby. Some swim nappies adjust to fit a larger weight range (just like modern cloth nappies do).



Baby Beehinds Swimmers adjust to fit from 5-20kg and fasten with easy to use velcro.

You don't need to have anything underneath your reusable swimmers. Some parents use washable swimmers over the top of their disposable swimmers for extra security, but it's not required - reusable swimmers will do the job fine by themselves.

Caring for your washable swim nappies

As soon as possible after removing the swimmers from your baby, give them a rinse in plain water. This will dilute the chlorine (or salt in the case of sea water) and reduce the wear on the swimmers. When home, pop them in the washing machine as soon as you can, washing according to the instructions.

Swim nappies don’t take very long to dry, so don’t leave them baking in the hot summer sun after they’re dry. Doing this too often will cause the elastic to become brittle.

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