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Mimi & Co

Mimi and Co Originals 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy

Mimi and Co Originals 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy

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This unique, highly reviewed, award winning Modern Cloth Nappy is fast becoming the choice for many parents who want the best for their babies, their wallets, and the environment. 

Mimi & Co Originals 2.0 are an All in 2 nappy. The inserts can be either snapped in or inserted into the pocket. The inside of the nappy is made from an Athletic Wicking Jersey, keeping bub feeling cool, dry and rash free. These nappies have a narrow crutch for a superior fit, inner double-gussets for ultimate leak-proof protection, wide back elastics and a tummy panel leak guard with elastics. 

Originals 2.0 are sustainably made from post-consumer Recycled Plastic. They are suitable for most babies 2.5kg - 20kg [no more upsizing disposable nappies every few months]

Cloth Nappy Inserts


+ Insert is able to be folded along the length of the insert to use with babies of all shapes and sizes.

+ Snake insert can be snapped into the shell to provide comfort and stability.


+ Hemp fleece absorbs up to 20% of its own weight while still feeling dry to the touch.

+ Snaps into snake insert or nappy shell for active babes.

Premium TPU

TPU is what makes your reusable Cloth Nappy waterproof. TPU quality is one of the most important aspects of a Modern Cloth Nappy. Your Originals 2.0 TPU is made from a luxe, stretchy TPU made from recycled plastic bottles.

Ultimate Absorbency

Absorbency matters. Your Original 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy will be suitable for even heavy wetters for day use. We use a unique combination of Bamboo Cotton & Hemp Cotton to provide ultimate absorbency without the bulk.

Tummy Elastics & TPU Panel

Super soft tummy elastic and TPU water resistant panel means you'll never get leaks out the front of your nappy. Tummy sleepers and round bellies love the Mimi and Co Originals 2.0.

True Birth to Toilet Training

Most "One Size Fits Most" Modern Cloth Nappies on the market fit up to 16kg. We have specifically designed our Originals 2.0 to fit uniquely from 2.5kg - 20kg, or birth to potty training.

Tiny Newborn Hack

Designed by a mum who had a 2.5kg bubba and couldn't find an OSFM [One Size Fits Most] nappy to fit. The unique snap design means there is even room for the umbilical stump to sit.

Tailored Wings

With tailored wings, you'll get a comfortable and secure fit every time. Your Originals 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy has been designed to fit even the chunkiest of thighs.

Thick Back Elastics

We hate red marks from Modern Cloth nappies. Your Originals 2.0 Modern Cloth Nappy has a soft, thick back elastic to ensure no red marks whilst also providing poonami-proof security.

Athletic Wicking Jersey (AWJ)

Bub will feel dry and cool, even when their reusable nappy is soaked. Our market-leading cool-tec Athletic Wicking Jersey is a premium alternative to a suede stay-dry layer. The best part? Poo is so easy to clean off AWJ!

Poonami Protector

You'll never get a dreaded "change the entire outfit" poonami up bubs back. Your Modern Cloth Nappy's unique back panel, as well as an anchor snap for your inserts, will give you the confidence you need when out and about.

Soft Double Gussets

Newborn poo [and lets be honest, sometimes toddlers poo] is like liquid. With soft double gussets, you'll have a second layer of protection against any poonamis.



Our manufacturers are Sedex(SMETA) audited factories.SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) assesses a manufacturer based on the organisation’s standards of labour, health and safety, environment and business ethics and are only certified if they pass all necessary audits.
Safety of our workers is our number one priority. We have developed intimate relationships with the men and women that sew your nappies, ensuring that your nappies are developed, sewn and packaged in a safe workplace.All of our fabrics used are Oeko-tex certificated.


Our workers are paid fair wages. Fair working conditions equals happier staff and premium production.