All in 2 Nappies Explained

All-in-2 cloth nappies (also known as snap-ins, pocket nappies or AI2s) have a waterproof shell and absorbent inserts that 'snap' in or go inside a pocket in the outer shell.

They are one of the most popular styles of one size fits most nappies and are extremely versatile. 

The inserts are able to come out of the shell which allows for faster drying times. You can also purchase extra inserts so that you can reuse your shells whilst you are waiting for your inserts to be washed and dried. If the shell is a waterproof material on the inside, it can be reused prior to washing by simply replacing the snapped in inserts (if the shell is not soiled and the elastics are dry). 

All in 2 nappy shells can also be used of another nappy, such as a prefold, preflat or fitted nappy, as its waterproof cover. 

 They are truly adaptable nappy system.

  • Waterproof outer shell
  • Absorbent inserts that snap in or go inside a pocket 
  • The shell can be reused if not soiled (if the inside is a waterproof fabric)
  • Fast drying
  • Can purchase extra inserts so that you can reuse the shell while waiting for the inserts to dry

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