Fitted Nappies Explained

This modern cloth nappy can be made up of layers of terry or cloth, bamboo or hemp and is shaped to fit the baby (similar in shape to that of a disposable) so that all you have to do is snap, velcro or Snappi it up, no folding or pinning. Fitted nappies are completely absorbent, meaning that the outer shells is absorbent just like the inserts. Hence, they do require a waterproof cover over the top.

Fitted nappies vary in their materials and absorbency. These nappies are great because you can easily boost them if you need more absorbency by placing an extra insert or booster either inside the nappy or between the nappy and the cover. Fitted nappies can be covered with either a PUL or Wool Cover. 

There are One Size options as well as nappies that are sized to fit according to age/weight. If you are looking for a fitted nappy which covers your baby from birth until they are toilet trained you can try the Baby Beehinds Bamboo Fitted Nappy

If you are looking for an option to fit a newborn, Bubblebubs Bam Bams are great and fit even the tiniest babies! 

Due to the high level of absorbency in fitted nappies, they are a popular choice for night nappies. Baby Beehinds Fitted Night Nappies are excellent for a heavy night wetter and contain 23 layers of absorbent bamboo fleece. 

Fitted nappies are a great choice for heavy wetters or babies prone to poo explosions as they contain leg, back and sometimes tummy elastic to help keep everything well contained. The cover placed over the top will also have elastic, meaning that you have 2 layers of elastic to help prevent explosions from escaping. 

Fitted nappies are an excellent choice for all babies! Shop our collection here.

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