Using Reusable Breast Pads

Reusable breast pads (or nursing pads) offer a comfortable, environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to disposable breast pads. 

Breast pads are often necessary in the first few weeks or months of breastfeeding, especially when your milk first comes in! Many mums experience leaking of breastmilk which can soak through clothing, become visible and stain. 

What are breast pads made from?

Reusable breast pads have layers of bamboo or cotton absorbency to soak up any breastmilk, leaving you feeling dry. They are often lined with bamboo valour, providing a beautifully soft layer against your skin. Reusable breast pads are backed with breathable PUL, a water resistant layer that stops the liquid from soaking through to your clothes. 

How do I use reusable breast pads?

Reusable breast pads are super easy to use, simply place inside your bra and you are ready to go! 

When should I purchase breast pads?

We recommend to purchase reusable breast pads during your pregnancy so that you have them on hand as soon as bubs is born. You will find the first couple of weeks is when you need them the most! If you are a leaky mum like me, you may even need them in the last few weeks of your pregnancy if you leak colostrum. 

How many breast pads do you need?

Most mums find that they use 3-4 pairs per day, some women need less, some more. We recommend starting with 6 - 8 pairs, around 2 days worth. 

How often should I change my breast pads?

Breast pads should be changed every 4-6 hours or if they become wet. 

How do I wash my breast pads?

Breast pads can be washed in your normal load of washing (just place in a garment bag so that they don't get stuck in your washing machine door seal!). We recommend 40-60 degrees for best results however check your manufacturer's instructions. 

Breast pads can be line dried or placed in the dryer on a low heat (check manufacturer's instructions). 

Are reusable breast pads more cost effective that disposables?


Disposable breast pads start at around 30c per pair which works out at $1.20 per day for 4 pairs. Multiply that by 90 days (3 months) and you are up for around $108. Please keep in mind these costs are based on one of the cheapest breast pads on the market.

Baby Bare reusable breast pads are $6.95 for a pair. 8 pairs will cost you a grand total of $55.60. 

EcoNaps reusable nursing pads are sold in a box of 3 pairs for $24.95. 3 boxes (9 pairs) equates to $74.85.

Long story short, you will make your money back in 2-3 months depending on how many pairs of breast pads you decide to purchase. 

Reusable breast pads are not only convenient, cost effective and environmentally friendly, they are also super soft, comfortable and come in a range of gorgeous colours and prints! Make the switch today!

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