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Bubblebubs Candies All-in-2 Nappy

Bubblebubs Candies All-in-2 Nappy


The gorgeous Bubblebubs Candies One Sized All-in-2 nappies are specifically designed to grow with your baby - no adjusting required! More info

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Bubblebubs Candies All-in-2 Nappy
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3kg Newborn
Minky Solid Colours
Smooth PUL Solid Colours
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Sweet Treats

The gorgeous Bubblebubs Candies One Sized All-in-2 nappies are specifically designed to grow with your baby - no adjusting required!

Style: All-in-2/Snap-In Nappy
Sizing: One Size Fits Most design (approx 4-15kg)
Closure: Side Snaps
Composition: Outer of super soft minky laminated with PUL (unless marked 'PUL' in which case the outer is smooth PUL not minky) and inner of smooth suedecloth which wicks moisture away from the skin
Snap in Bamboo Booster Set that gives up to 12 layers of absorbency: The snap in 2 layer trifold has a suedecloth panel in the centre which helps keep your baby dry. There is an additional 3 layer lay in booster. The booster can be folded in half and positioned exactly where it is needed. The booster set is made from custom milled 500gsm bamboo fleece giving 9-12 layers of super thick bamboo‚ which is super thirsty.


- no rise snaps to adjust making it the easiest one size nappy on the market to use – just fasten the snaps to fit at the legs and waist.
- Side Snapping giving a great fit around legs and waist
- 2 row side snap configuration – no wing droop
- extra snap in booster sets can be purchased and the outer shell of the nappy reused.
- If aired out between uses‚ the covers can be used multiple times during a day.
- can be used as covers over fitted nappies like the Bubblebubs Bam Bams and prefolds

Manufacturing Information:

- Bubblebubs is a 100% Australian owned family business who partner with an ethically run factory in China to make the Bubblebubs Candies nappies
- The women that make Bubblebubs nappies are paid a fair and living wage and their working conditions are second to none

Warranty: 6 months on all properly cared for products from the date of purchase or birth of child whichever is later.

Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee
Would you like to try a Bubblebubs Candie or Bubblebubs BamBam but are worried that it might not work for you? Worry no more! If after trying a Bambam or Candie you find for whatever reason that you don't like it simply return it for a full refund! If you purchase a pack we will refund the whole pack no questions asked.

There are conditions of course and they are listed below
- Offer is limited to 1 used nappy to be returned for refund. If you purchase multiple nappies‚ they may all be returned for refund however only 1 may have been prewashed and/or tried on the others must be unused
- Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee is available only Bubblebubs Bambams and Bubblebubs Candies.
- Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee - Bambam: Bubblebubs guarantee that their Bambam fitted nappy will fit your newborn that is under 4wks of age.
- Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee - Candie: Bubblebubs guarantee that their Candie All-in-2 nappy will fit your child as long as they are between 3kgs and 15kgs.
- The Bubblebubs Nappy Guarantee is valid for 2 weeks after the nappy has been despatched. This will give you time to wash and trial the nappy a few times. The assumption is made that the nappy will be tried as soon as it arrives - if you are pregnant and not due to give birth before this guarantee period is up please ensure that you add your EDD at checkout to extend this guarantee‚ if no date is entered in this field or you do not contact us to let us know you need an extension then this guarantee will not be extended past this time.

More about Bubblebubs Candies
What's great about this nappy:

- Economical - Being one sized you don't have to buy more nappies as your baby grows you can also save money by buying extra booster sets and re-using the outer shell.
- Super Absorbent - Bubblebubs' bamboo has a higher bamboo content and is a thicker fabric than many other brands on the market making it more absorbent
- Side Snapping - Bubblebubs' snap configuration gives a great fit on all babies as you can adjust the leg snap separately from the waist which gives fantastic containment. It also eliminates wing droop which is where the excess fabric on the wings of front snapping nappies falls down and protrudes out the leg opening.
- Quick Drying - Because the nappy pulls apart everything dries fast.

What's not so great about this nappy:

- Not as trim as sized nappies - One sized nappies are bulkier than sized nappies in particular on newborns but this is soon overcome as they grow so fast! You can use the shell of the Bubblebubs Candies Ai2 as a cover over fitted nappies such as Bubblebubs' popular Bambam fitted nappies which are designed to fit from preemie through to around 8-10mths

Other noteworthy things
- Don't put this nappy in a hot dryer - PUL will delaminate over time if you continually expose it to high heats and elastic will also perish quicker so if you must use your dryer use it on cold or low
- Don't wash this nappy over 60 deg - As with putting the nappy in a hot dryer‚ washing a nappy in hot water will damage the fabrics and elastic over time. If you are worried about germs being killed never fear the sun is the best germ killer that we have and it's also a great stain remover!

Rated 4 out of 5 stars
rating star 1rating star 2

Great prints, but I'm not a fan of the side snaps. My son is rolly and wriggly and I struggle getting it on him. I also don't like trifolds, but I found this insert to be a little stiff.

I've tried just about every brand of MCN on this site but the candies didn't grow on me. I give them a try every so often but I just don't like them.

If you like side snaps and trifolds this nappy is for you.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

I have a 13month old and have been using candies for 11months. I honestly love them and always reach for them in my stash. The side snaps are my favourite and so easy, even the hubby can use them. They have a slim fit and are very absorbent. I love the patterns and colours. I have tried 5 other brands but cannot go past my candies, absolutely love them!

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4

First and only style I've used so far!
What I love: they aren't bulky in the front as they are side snapping. Dry pretty quickly because the inserts snap in and out easily. Easy to get a good fit with the adjustable leg (bottom snap) and waist (top snap) the patterns I love! ????. Haven't had any explosions out the side and contain the smell so if I don't catch him with his doing a poo face it can go undetected! (positive for my nose not positive if I happen to miss it????)
What I don't love: I found they leaked a lot when my little one was small, only once on the bigger leg snaps do they seem to not leak (first time cloth user could be my fault) they were quite bulky when he was small too.

Overall love them and now I've got a handle on how to use them hits easy. Don't have anything to compare to though at this stage. Haven't used the booster but have them all will try once he's bigger. ????

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

We love our Candies! I have used them on my youngest from around 4kgs and it has been easy to get a great fit as she has continued to grow. The side snaps are even daddy proof. We haven't had a single leak despite her heavy wetting and explosive poops. We enjoy the range of colours and love how soft the minky fabric is. The trifold is thirsty and the boosters are also handy to use with other nappies in our stash. We enjoy the candies so much that we will purchase more to add to our rotation.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3

I ordered 2 candies in a trial pack after hearing such amazing things.

What I LOVE about Candies - the insert being a trifold has a really quick dry time, they’re trim, side snapping is super easy to customise a good fit around the legs and the tummy at the same time, they’ve got very cute colours and prints and the customer service is really great. I can also see these fitting a smaller bub too so they truly would be OSFM (we started using them when my baby was around 6 months).

What I don’t love about candies - I find side snapping *can be* a bit trickier with a wriggling octopus child, I don’t think the absorbency of the insert is as good as some of my other brands for my heavy wetter, I find to boost at the front for a boy there isn’t enough room in the cover because it’s quite trim. I’m also not 100% sure if these are going to last us until toilet training without the boosting option.

Overall I think the Candie is a great nappy, I just don’t rave about it like I find lot’s of others do and I was a little surprised by that!

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

What can I say, we LOVE our candies!!! Have been using them full time for 7 months now. I love the side snapping, it makes it easy to get a good fit as my chunky baby has very thick thighs but a small waist. The side snaps allow me to do up the waist smaller than the thighs, which means no leaks. The inserts are very absorbent and great quality. We have been using the same nappies for 7 months now and they still look and feel brand new. I love that there are no rise snaps, it has meant that even my husband can easily get a good fit. Now that my baby is crawling and very mobile at nappy changes, it’s been a bit more difficult to fit well with the side snapping compared to front snaps. I also find the back elastic digs into my babies chubby muffin top more than other nappies we have that have thicker back elastic, such as the baby beehinds multifits. It’s also a bit fiddly to get the extra insert in with the trifold and to get a good fit, as the front of the nappy is very trim. I struggle with this, however my heavy wetting baby lasts 3 hours with the trifold insert so the extra one isn’t needed.
All in all a great nappy, easy to fit, easy to wash with the snap in inserts, and cute designs.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

This is one of our favourite nappies. It is easy to use (grandparent and babysitter proof!) and comes in a variety of solid colours as well as limited edition prints which are ????????????.

What I really like about the Candies is that they are like workhorses. They just keep giving! The inserts are really absorbant, and I am still using the trifold only on my moderately heavy wetting son at 5 and a half months.

I like that I don't have to think about different snap settings and if I wanted to I could pre-snap them and pull them up like undies (and adjust afterwards). I like that there is no pocket, and putting them together is really easy.

They are so easy to use they are my husband's favourite and the ones he will choose every time.

What I don't like is that you can't use them from birth. If you have a small kiddo then the legs will gape and you'll get leaks.

Overall, I still love these nappies and recommend them to anyone who asks what brands I like.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

Candies are our favourite nappy and our go to brand in the draw. I love how easy they are to fit, and even if Dad puts them on backwards they still work!
I prefer the candies verses other osfm due to the side snapping- I think it looks sleeker as it doesn't have snaps all the way down the front and no need to adjust rise snaps, therefore can use for different kids without any fuss.
They are super absorbent lasting 3-4hrs without boosting. Can highly recommend the gorgeous candie.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4

Love these nappies.
I first tried them as a night nappy when my little guy was 3 months old, which worked great for the 8 hours he was sleeping then. Being a heavy wetter he soon outgrew them for nights but they are an excellent and reliable day nappy which hold up through surprise long naps. Always one in the change bag as they are compact and convenient, and easy for anyone to use.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

The best nappies I've tried yet! We bought a starter pack to trial these and found them so easy to use that we then bought a bulk pack, and they now make up the majority of our stash! They're dad proof and super easy to wash/dry (being all-in-2). Absolutely recommend them 100%

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

Bubblebubs Candies are a darn good nappy. After 15 months of full time cloth nappying, and trying out numerous different brands, our stash is now mainly a combo of candies, grovia and designer bums.
The pros of candies are many - no rise snaps ensures a perfect fit on my scrawny 4 month old and my brawny 15 month old without any adjustments. The trifold is so absorbent I have never needed to add the booster, though it comes in handy to boost the absorbency of other brands' night nappies. The elastics are still perfect after 15 months of frequent use, and whether it's breastfed, formula or toddler poo it's not going to escape this nappy. The only slightly loose elastic is on a shell with the older label, which another reviewer mentioned - though it still doesn't leak.
Head honcho of Bubblebubs is the wonderful Vicki, a fellow Australian mama, who is passionate about converting the world to cloth and has the best customer service. She also ensures that her nappies are made ethically which is integral to me. The minky is super cuddly, but the new hard candies would be great for a PUL lover.
The only downsides I can think of are that you might need to give grandma a tutorial on side snaps, lest you come home to find your kid in a back-to-front candie. But again...even with this inventive method we still didn't spring a leak! Oh and the prints are gorgeous (especially Kevin the cockatoo, what a dude) but designer bums prints have my heart on that aspect.
All in all, a tops poo catcher and I would highly recommend. #buyallthecandies

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

Huge props to such a versatile nappy.
Love the Candies as they are intended - a great fitting, side snapping, really absorbant, minky soft nappy. My heavy wetting boy can go more than 2h hours with just the standard trifold insert. We can get almost 8 hours with the booster which we used early on for overnight. Now we use the trifold under one of our cotton prefold with a wool cover for nights and we get 12 hours. That frees up the covers for day use and the boosters to go with some of our other nappies.
Having the ai2 system means all the pieces dry quickly so even when hanging inside due to rain there isn't a massive delay and no need for a dryer.
I have and will continue to recommend these nappies.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

These are one of my all time favourite nappies!

I love the side snap design as I find they get a much better fit than front snapping nappies.

The bamboo trifolds are also super absorbent, plus with the bamboo booster and an added microfibre booster they have been working amazingly well as night nappies on both, my 18m/o and 4m/o.

I like the snap in inserts because if the insert is just wet I can take it out and replace it with a clean insert rather than having to replace the whole nappy.

My only negative is that with some of my older Candies the leg elastics slackened (not fully) quite quickly, the newer ones seem to be holding up much better though.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4

I have been using the candies for about a year now (since my boy was 6months old) and they have been great! It fits my boy well and I use it as both a day and night nappy although we do get the ocassional leaks, especially at night..sometimes during the day as well but I think it's mostly due to my boy 'flooding' the nappy, especially if he happens to be lying on his side but otherwise it is a great nappy. I also love the side snaps which makes it easier to get a great fit and I don't have to worry about wing droop that often happens with front snaps. Overall it is a great nappy and I would strongly recommend people to give it a try.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4

I love these nappies, they make up the bulk of my stash. I love the beautiful prints that they are coming in now as well. They are super absorbent and contain messes really well! The only thing that I am noticing is that the elastics aren't seeming to hold up as well as my other nappies. But this is after almost 2 years of use. Would definitely buy more of them as the fit is awesome.

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

I first bought the trial pack of candies to use on my one month old. They soon became my favourite nappies to use, so much so I ended up washing them every day just so I could use them again! I ended up going back and buying more and more, as they are the only nappies I've tried thus far to not leak or wick at all!
So far the trifold has been more than sufficient on its own to last between 3-5hrs! I've also added the booster and used it overnight with great success on my 3mnth old.
I love that I don't have to stuff pockets or do anything complicated to go from the line to on the bum- a quick snap of the trifold and you are right to go! The adjustability of the side snaps is a major plus too. Adjust the bottom snap to get a good fit around the thighs, then the top snap to get a nice comfortable fit around the tum. It doesn't hurt that the prints are super cute too! I highly recommend them ????

rating star 1rating star 2rating star 3rating star 4rating star 5

I was recommended these nappies by a friend and I am so glad I tried them! I have been using them full time during the day on my 6 month old son for the past 3 months and I love them. The side snaps are a little tricky at first, but once I mastered the technique the fit was perfect, especially for my chunky-thighed boy. The absorbency of the bamboo trifold is excellent, I haven't yet needed to use the boosters and I'm particularly impressed with how well they contain poo explosions - no leaks! I would highly recommend Bubblebubs Candies.