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Seedling Baby

Seedling Baby Wipes 6pk

Seedling Baby Wipes 6pk

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Super-sized, yet not-too-thick, reusable wipes made from two layers of bamboo viscose/polyester and a gorgeously large 25 x 25 cm. A wipe that covers your entire hand!

Reusable wipes don’t take any extra water or detergent to care for because if you’re already using cloth nappies, they can be thrown in with your nappy load. If you aren’t using cloth nappies, they can be combined in the load with your other washing. They require no special care and can be used for multiple other purposes once they are no longer required by baby. Once they’ve been loved beyond usefulness, they can be thrown in the compost to continue to break down.

These multi-use wipes are perfect for little bottoms, hands or faces. You can use them in the home and on the go as hankies, napkins or kitchen wipes.