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Seedling Baby

Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap Plus+

Seedling Baby Comodo Wrap Plus+

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When you need a nappy cover, you need something comfortable, easy and convenient… but you might also need something super-sized.

The Seedling Baby Cómodo Wrap+ ticks all those boxes and when you need a nappy cover that goes the distance for your older kids, you’ll find Cómodo Wrap+ to be just the right fit. Designed to fit over reusable night nappy solutions for children between 15 and 25 kg, the Cómodo Wrap+ is comfort for your child and convenience for you. Please note that fit for these covers is largely dependent on the size of the child. They are very large and roomy. They have been tested on children up to 25 kg, but exact fit range for your child will depend more on their build, than on their weight.

Style: Cover

Sizing: 15-25kg - Adjusts with snap down rise

Closure: Snaps

Composition: Polyurethane laminate, 100% polyester outer, wipeable interior