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Reusable Wipes System

Reusable Wipes System

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Our Reusable Wipes System includes everything you need – and nothing you don’t – for easy nappy changing at home and on the go.

The system is designed to make your cloth-wipe experience as simple and convenient as possible, with tender skin and a healthier planet front of mind.

You only need to purchase this system once, and you’ll be covered for many years of wiping and cleaning. All the wipes and containers can be used as household cleaning and storage options – saving you money while simplifying your eco-journey.


  • Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution (choose from two blends)
  • On-the-Go Reusable Wipes Bag
  • Clean Container
  • Messy Container
  • Two messy wash bags
  • Organic cotton cloth wipes – 25 pack


Never-ending Reusable Wipes System

The Reusable Wipes System is a smart investment that you continue to use as your family grows. Everything included is multi-purpose and crafted for durability and longevity.

Unlike disposable wet wipes, the thick cotton fabric provides a deep clean without smearing mess further. This means that you avoid accidentally touching muck and getting it on your hands.

Life is busy, so constantly buying skin-safe wipes can be frustrating. The Here & After Reusable Wipes System removes the stress of avoiding harsh chemicals and ensures you’re never caught in a “messy situation” without a wipe.

Feel confident at home or on the go knowing you are simplifying your daily routine and reducing your household budget and waste. Using reusable wipes stops 14,000 wipes (per child) from ending up in landfill, as well as saving you up to $1,500 over two years!

Benefits of buying eco-baby products

  • Save money and enjoy a never-ending supply of reusable wipes and cleaning cloths.

  • Create a healthier home by choosing products that are free from harsh chemicals, toxic dyes, and synthetic fragrances.

  • Our reusable cloth wipes are ethically made, certified organic, unbleached, and contain non-toxic dyes to ensure they are safe for tender skin.

  • Our solution is formulated for even dispersion in water and made from 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils.

  • Naturally protect skin and soothe irritation. Organic cotton wipes and essential oils help reduce redness and support wound healing.

  • Reduce odours and spillage of contaminated water with our leak-proof Messy Container – best used as a dry pail with the added convenience of a mesh bag that goes straight into the wash.
  • No need to hide away your reusable cloths and containers; with beautiful, contemporary designs, our eco-baby products also make perfect gifts for family and friends.

How to use the Reusable Wipes System

Setting up your Reusable Wipes System

Shake the Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution well and add one pump to your Clean Container. Add water and agitate to disperse the solution. Convenient measurement lines are on the inside of the container to help you gauge water levels. Add wipes and press down to saturate. Tip or squeeze out any excess water and they’re ready to use.

Hook the mesh wash bag onto each corner of the Messy Container to create a dry pail.

Using your Reusable Wipes System

  • Set up the Clean and Messy Containers.
  • Store enough wipes in the Clean Container for up to 2 days only.
  • When changing a nappy, grab a wipe from the Clean Container, use it to clean baby and then put it into the Messy Container, placing it in the messy wash bag.
  • Every 1–2 days, wash used wipes.
  • Wash used cloth wipes on a quick rinse cycle before adding them to a normal wash cycle with other items.
  • When heading out of the house, pop some wipes into the travel bag so they are on hand when you need them.
  • To use your On-the-Go Reusable Wipes Bag, place clean wipes (wet or dry) in the front pocket, and messy wipes in the main compartment. The mesh bag in the main compartment has small snaps to hold it in place which makes for easy removal.


Frequently asked questions

How to wash reusable cloth wipes

Machine wash your Reusable Cloth Wipes between 30–60°C with like colours. We recommend washing your nappy-changing wipes separately or in the same wash cycle as cloth nappies. For tough stains, presoak your cloth wipes in warm soapy water before washing them.

Follow the Clean Cloth Nappies approach for washing wipes and cloth nappies for a more effective clean.

How to use cloth wipes solution

Babies under 6 weeks of age

It’s recommended that you only use water and wipes to clean your baby.

Babies 6 weeks and older

Shake the Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution well and add one pump to your Clean Container. Add water and agitate to disperse the solution. Convenient measurement lines are on the inside of the container to help you gauge water levels. Add wipes and press down to saturate. Tip or squeeze out any excess water and they’re ready to use.

For use in the bath

For a relaxing and moisturising addition to the bath, shake the bottle well and add one to two pumps to the bath before filling with water.

How many cloth wipes do I need?

You will only need one wipe per mess including nappy changing, and we recommend using them within two days of soaking. For nappy changing, it’s best to have 25–50 wipes. For hands, faces, and surface cleaning we recommend 10–25 wipes.

We also recommend having a separate Clean Container and a different set or colour of wipes for cleaning faces and hands. It’s best to have multiple systems on the go so you never run out!

How long does the Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution last?

When used for wipes every second to third day, one bottle will last three months and can be repurposed or recycled once empty.

Are essential oils safe for babies?

Essential oils are safe for babies when correctly diluted. Our Hydrating Cloth Wipes Solution has been intentionally formulated with the right ratio of essential oil to carrier oil base. Unlike pure essential oils which may sit on the surface of the water, our solution is formulated for even distribution throughout the water to ensure each wipe is infused.

Can I use the Reusable Wipes System with my cloth nappies?

Yes! This is the perfect eco-friendly addition to the cloth nappies system. You will have everything you need to make clean wipes, including a dry pail for your dirty wipes, and a travel bag for when you are out and about.

What about when my baby no longer needs nappies?

Repurpose the items as cleaning cloths and storage containers when you no longer have nappies to change. You can continue to enjoy a healthier home with less waste, substantial savings, and the comfort of knowing you are contributing to a sustainable future.