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Mama Chew

Mama Chew STICK IT! Divider Silicone Suction Plate and Fork

Mama Chew STICK IT! Divider Silicone Suction Plate and Fork

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STICK IT! Divider Plate!

These non slip divided plates are 100% food grade silicone and sized perfectly for toddler portions.

Its strong suction base sticks to any flat clean surface and prevents spills to enable a stress-free and no-mess mealtime. They really stick!!

The easy release tab allows easy removal by parents, not so easy for your child.

Each plate comes with a matching 100% food grade silicone fork making meal times easier for your little independent feeder.

Meal time has never looked so good!!

-100% non-toxic, durable, food grade silicone; BPA free, PVC free, Lead free and Phthalate free
-Hypoallergenic and naturally resists bacteria growth
-Suction base sticks to most flat clean surfaces such as highchair trays and tables
-Super easy to clean. Microwave safe and dishwasher safe!

Available in 5 beautiful colours.
Blush, Sage & Ether, Clay and Mustard.

Pair it with one of our gorgeous silicone squishy bibs for super easy clean up!

*Note they will not stick to super scratched, rough or porous surfaces*