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Disana Woollen Overpants

Disana Woollen Overpants

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Disana Woollen Overpants are an excellent waterproof nappy cover for use over a flat, preflat or fitted nappy. Wool is a naturally breathable material which regulates body temperate and helps to prevent nappy rash. 

Wool covers are ideal for overnight as they provide comfortable protection against leaks, absorbing up to 30% of their weight without feeling wet. The fibre inside embeds moisture and emits it slowly as steam, allowing the Woollen Overpants absorbs up to 120ml moisture in its fibres whilst feeling dry on the outside. Urine binds to the lanolin and is neutralised, meaning that Wool Overpants are self cleaning and only require washing every 2-4 weeks, just hang up to air out between uses. Wool covers require washing if soiled and need to be regularly lanolised. Find instructions on lanolising here. Shop Lanolin here

Disana Woollen Overpants are made in Germany from 100% organic merino wool.