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Baby Beehinds

Baby Beehinds Training pants

Baby Beehinds Training pants

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The Baby Beehinds Training Pants is a great option when it comes to toilet learning. Designed to look and feel like real undies but with features designed to keep clothes dry you will love these trainers!


  • Inner lining of organic cotton to help kids recognise when they feel wet
  • Outer layer is our sandwich PUL (the water-resistant part) which is designed to keep clothes dry.
  • Hidden inner core of dual micro-fibre layers for quick absorption
  • Snap-In Bamboo Booster with up to 9 layers of bamboo fleece for extra boosting
  • With two types of material for absorbing wetness - you can adjust these layers as your child develops better skills. Use both the Bamboo Booster and in-built absorbency when starting out & as your child improves remove the bamboo booster.


Small Waist: 40 – 48cm Legs: 24–30cm Rise: 42cm Weight: 10-15kg

Medium Waist: 43 – 52 cm Legs: 28-34cm Rise: 46.5cm Weight: 14kg – 18kg

Large Waist: 47 – 56 cm Legs 30-36cm Rise 50.5cm Weight: 18 – 24kg

XLarge Waist: 50 – 59 cm Legs: 33-40cm Rise: 53.5cm Weight: 24kg +