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Baby Beehinds

Baby Beehinds Nappy Liners

Baby Beehinds Nappy Liners

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Environmentally Friendly Cloth Nappy Liners

These cloth nappy liners make change time a breeze! Simply add the liners to each nappy, and when soiled they catch the solids & let the liquids through. Then just pop the pooey ones down the loo, and bin the wet ones to minimise the volume being flushed.

These environmentally friendly nappy liners and made from 100% Pure Viscose (plant based pulp). They are Compostable, Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Chemical Free & Eco-Friendly.

Suitable for regular septic tanks.

Nappy liners reduce soiling of nappies to make cleaning easier and more hygienic, soft and gentle on skin. These can also be used as wet wipes for cleaning bottoms – simply wet, wipe & bin.