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Baby Beehinds

Baby Beehinds Mighty Booster

Baby Beehinds Mighty Booster

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This is the same Mighty Booster insert that comes with Baby Beehinds All-in-2 Multifit Nappy and it also fits their Night Nappies, for extra flexibility! It has 3 layers of Baby Beehinds' super thirsty bamboo fleece, topped with a layer of suede cloth to keep your little one's bottom feeling dry. Team with the Baby Beehinds All-In-Two Nappy for excellent day time solution, or mix and match and add to the Baby Beehinds Night Nappy if you have a lighter wetter or want something a little less bulky. Can also be used inside other nappies by adding to a pocket or just laying inside the nappy. To use: Simply snap or lay the insert into the nappy, then fold the long tail back and position in the wet zones.