Thirsties NEW One Size Pocket Nappy: a closer look

After huge demand, Thirsties have brought out a One Size nappy to join their line up. Thirsties are known for their sized Nappy Covers, and their Duo range of covers, and nappies that are available in 2 sizes: Size 1 fitting 3-8kg and Size 2 fitting 8-18kg. The new Thirsties One Size Pocket Nappy adjusts to fit from 4 to 18kg.  

The new One Size Pocket Nappy is replacing the well known Thirsties Duo Diaper and we thought you'd like to know how the new One Size compares.

First up, what they haven't changed!
- Thirsties have kept the same PUL outer and soft microfleece inner and they're still available in your choice of snap or hook & loop closures.
- They've kept the leg gussets, and the sleeve style pocket design (which means inserts agitate out in the wash).
- And the nappy still comes with two inserts that snap together, one microfibre for fast absorbing, and one hemp/cotton insert for wee holding power.
- And the excellent quality and workmanship are still what you'd expect from Thirsties.

The big change is of course changing from two sizes to one size. The new One Size fits 4-18kg, so has lost that guaranteed fit for smaller newborns - that's the only downside. Here's some side by side comparisons of the discontinued Sizes 1 & 2 to the new One Size.


The Storm Cloud (blue) is the One Size and the Orchid is the old Size 1 - both on their smallest setting. The width is similar, but the rise is longer on the one size at the smallest setting to accommodate more fabric in the snap down rise.


And here it is on its largest setting next to an old Size 2 (Rose) on it's largest setting. You can see the One Size is trimmer, but the rise is of a similar length to the old Size 2, which means it will still fit those tall toddlers. And on this snap fastening One Size, you can see that they now have two rows of snaps rather than one so you can get a good fit on legs and waist.

How about the width?

And here's a look at the width of these nappies: Size 1 (top) and One Size (middle) are similar in width through the crotch. The Size 2 (bottom) is wider. This makes the One Size a trimmer nappy than the Size 2.

And what about the inserts?

Here we have a side by side comparison of the Size 1 (left), One Size (centre), and Size 2 (right) inserts. As you can see, the One Size microfibre insert (the one on top) is the same size as the old Size 1 inserts - perfect for newborns. The hemp/cotton insert in narrower than the old Size 2 to reduce bulk, BUT it also has an extra layer of the super absorbent hemp/cotton fabric added to make up for it. This insert can also snap down to the same size as the microfibre insert, for smaller babies who need extra absorbency.

So what do we love?
- Two rows of snaps on the snap closure version for a more versatile fit and providing extra width for bigger babies.
- The trimness through the crotch for reduced bulk.
- Super stretchy leg elastic that means the rise on this nappy is longer that you expect.
- A lovely long rise for taller toddlers (this nappy fits some preschoolers!) - we're so glad they kept the larger sizing for those children who need extra length.
- The versatility of the inserts so you can mix and match

Thirsties haven't disappointed with their One Size Pocket Nappy. We're sure this nappy will be very popular - especially with all those people who love Thirsties' quality, but who have been waiting for a One Size nappy. Find out more about this nappy, or make a purchase here.

And for those of you who love their Duo range? There are no plans to discontinue other Duo products. The Thirsties Duo Wraps and Thirsties Duo All-in-One nappies are set to continue!

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