Thirsties Natural One Size AIO Nappy Demonstration

Thirsties is one of our favourite brands at Darlings Downunder. Not only do they have great products and a well earned reputation for quality, but they are really serious about being an ethical and sustainable business.

We were thrilled when Thirsties announced that they were releasing a new All-in-One nappy with all natural fibre absorbency. The new Thirsties Natural One Size Nappy is both a trim and absorbent nappy. You wouldn't think it to look at it, but it has 11 layers of absorbency - 3 layers of 100% organic cotton in the body of the nappy, and two attached soakers with 4 layers each of Thirsties' famous 55% hemp/45% organic cotton jersey. The design means that drying time won't be a problem - it all opens out to make it faster.

Thirsties nappies are also known for being really clever with their sizing. These nappies fit from 4kg to 18kg, so will fit for longer than some other one size nappies - great if you have a tall baby.

Watch our demo video for a close look at this fab new cloth nappy below. If you're looking for a natural fibre cloth nappy check out the Thirsties Natural One Size nappy. You won't be disappointed.

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