Preflats Explained

A Preflat is a modern version of a traditional flat nappy. It is a flat square of fabric with easy-to-use pre shaped wings. 

They are generally quite stretchy allowing you to get a great fit on a baby of any shape. 

Preflats are often made from cotton/bamboo and offer a good amount of absorbency. They are often a couple of layers thick and dry quite quickly. This means that they are a great option for colder climates or the newborn stage when you are doing a lot of nappy changes and need an option that dries fast!

Preflats can easily be boosted with an insert for babies who need more absorbency. Our preflats come with a bamboo blend insert that can be used either with your preflat or in an all in 2 nappy. 

Preflats can be folded in many ways and require a snappi to hold them in place. They are completely absorbent so do require a waterproof cover. Either a  PUL or Wool cover can be used. 

The following videos show different ways to fold preflats. 

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