Back to Basics Campaign

During June, we are taking part in a 'Back to Basics' campaign. The purpose of this promotion is to focus the spotlight on traditional cloth nappying options.

Before anyone out there rejects the idea completely out of hand, flats and prefolds are seriously not as complicated as they're sometimes made out to be. And even if you don't think you'll use them, perhaps you know someone who might. Flat cloth nappies and prefolds are actually a really economical option for families on a tight budget and those wanting a simpler yet more versatile style of nappy.

And the flat is a seriously awesome addition to every cloth nappy stash, whether as the hero of the stash or just the emergency back up for when other nappies won’t dry quickly enough.

So during June we will be bringing you advice to make using flats and prefolds less daunting, as well as some great packages to get you started with flats or prefolds. Some great FREE bonuses as well!


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