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The best backup nappy to have in your stash

Added on 05 April 2020 in Darlings Downunder, General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   0 comments

So you want to extend you cloth nappy stash, or want to keep some extras in the cupboard in case of emergency, or prepare for the zombie apocolypse (when there'll be plenty of time for washing nappies in between the screaming and the running, I'm sure). What's the best reusable nappy to buy and have on hand, just in case? Hands down, its a basic cotton terry towelling flat nappy. Though, for the love of Pete, step away from the pins - try a Snappi; they're awesome - and grab some modern style cl... READ MORE

Old Fashioned Cloth Nappies Are Boring!

Added on 21 May 2016 in Darlings Downunder, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   0 comments

Traditional cloth nappies like flats (terry squares) and prefolds contrast to more recent styles not only in their design, but in their look. Modern cloth nappies come in every colour and print under the sun. Flats and prefolds usually come in white or cream/natural. Many people prefer this. I can't tell you how many people have told me they love seeing a line of white terry flats hanging on the line. But what happens if you like a little colour in your life? Nappy covers are the obvious sol... READ MORE

The truth about flats and prefolds - traditional cloth nappies

Added on 20 May 2016 in General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   0 comments

Did you wear cotton terry square nappies as a baby? We both did :) And we both used terry flats for our eldest children over 10 years ago. Since then, the humble cloth nappy has evolved into the myriad cleverly designed modern cloth nappies that are available nowadays - with unlimited options, high tech fabrics, and so many factors to take into consideration! Is in any wonder that a significant number of parents are choosing to go ‘old-school’ and revert to the simplicity and versatility of ... READ MORE

Back to Basics with Traditional Cloth Nappies

Added on 15 May 2016 in Darlings Downunder, General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   1 comments

This week we’re going back to basics and putting the spotlight on the sometimes overlooked - but seriously awesome - traditional cloth nappy options. Yep, we’re talking flats (or terry squares) and prefolds! Don’t run away!!!     Before anyone rejects the idea, give us a chance this week to prove that flats and prefolds aren’t that complicated, they’re a great bonus to have in your stash even if you plan on using more modern styles of cloth nappies, and that there isn’t a c... READ MORE

Mukti Organic Prefolds - A Very Special Project

Added on 28 February 2015 in Darlings Downunder, Ethical manufacture, Nappy charity, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   0 comments

‘Mukti’ (pronounced 'mook-ti') in the Marathi language of India means freedom, liberation and salvation. For 120 years, Mukti Mission has been providing homes and care for women and children in India who have been abused, neglected, abandoned or oppressed. Started by Pandita Ramabai, one of India's most influential reformers and a woman passionately concerned with the freedom and welfare of her countrywomen, Mukti Mission today continues to provide hope and a future for hundreds of de... READ MORE

9 Ways to Build a Cloth Nappy Stash on a Budget

Added on 22 October 2014 in General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   1 comments

So, you're interested in using cloth nappies, you've done all your research into the different types, and narrowed your choices down to the ones you'd like in your stash. But paying for your cloth nappies upfront can seem really daunting. A full time modern cloth nappy stash can cost up to $500-800 - about the same as some of those brand name prams, but less than the $1,900 to $3,000+ it costs for disposable nappies for one child (per CHOICE Magazine). There are ways to reduce or spread the cos... READ MORE

Nappy versus Diaper

Added on 19 August 2014 in Darlings Downunder, General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   3 comments

Have you ever wondered why Americans say 'diaper' and we say 'nappy'? If you're a bit of a language nut like me, settle in for a history lesson. Otherwise, feel free to visit more interesting pages of our website! Following a discussion in an international Great Cloth Diaper Change organisers group, I started looking into the origin of the different words we use for what we put on our babies' bottoms, namely 'diaper' versus 'nappy'. Diaper is what they use in North America, and Nappy is t... READ MORE

Flat Nappy Folds: Kite Fold

Added on 04 July 2014 in Bumboo, General Info & Advice, Traditional Flat & Prefold Cloth Nappies   |   0 comments

This is the last in our little series looking at some great ways to fold a traditional square flat nappy. And this is the first nappy fold that both Catherine and I learned EVER - a very long time ago. You see, this popular nappy fold - the 'Kite Fold' - was our mum's favourite fold, and I remember her showing me how to fold it and put it on our youngest brother about 25 years ago. This is him helping us out at an Expo - which he'll never do again now that we've mentioned changing his nappy! &n... READ MORE