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Using the Gift Registry

Are you, a friend or a family member having a baby shower? Do people keep asking what they can get for a gift?

Interested in cloth nappies and want to get a few to look at?

Why not set up a Gift Registry with Darlings Downunder? This way you can select all the different sorts of nappies you're interested in and your friends and family can log on to your registry and buy them for you!

Step 1

If you're already a member, log in, otherwise set up a new account.

Step 2

Go shopping! But instead of clicking the 'Add to Cart' button, click the 'Add to my gift registry' link underneath.

Step 3

Visit your 'My Account' page and you'll see a tab labelled 'Gift Registry'. Click on that tab and you'll see everything in your gift registry, plus a link you can send to your family and friends. They can use this link to access your gift registry and buy the items for you!

How easy is that?