Using Cloth Wipes

If you’re using cloth nappies it makes sense to use cloth wipes as well. Not only do you avoid an extra trip to the rubbish bin to dispose of the wipes every change (you just throw the wipes in the bucket with the nappy) but you save money not buying disposable wipes and are in control of what chemicals go near your baby’s bottom.

You can make your own wipes from scraps of fabric or old towels cut up, reuse old face washers, or buy cloth nappy wipes. We stock several types of cloth wipes, from simple cotton flannelette, to bamboo, and the clever Cheeky Wipes Kits. Generally you’ll only use one or two cloth wipes per nappy change (cloth wipes are much better at cleaning up messes than disposable ones!), so if you have enough wipes to last between washes you’ll be all set.

One of our customers shared her experience switching from disposable to cloth wipes:

You can use plain water with your wipes (especially good for children with sensitive skin), cool camomile tea, or a wide variety of wipes solutions including some that come in spray bottles ready to go like Bubblebubs Wipes Wash. You can keep your wipes solution in a spray bottle (you can even carry a little spray bottle of solution in your nappy bag when you’re out and about), or you can put all your wipes together in a container and pour your solution over them – creating instant ‘wet wipes’. Replace the solution daily, though, to prevent bacteria.

A little wetbag, like the EcoNaps small wetbag is great for carrying premoistened wipes in your nappy bag and won't leak everywhere!

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