Thirsties Nappy Covers in NEW Hook & Loop now available

Thirsties have introduced bigger and better hook & loop (I know we all refer to it as 'Velcro' but that's actually only one brand name!) across their entire range of cloth nappies and nappy covers. We asked one of our little ones to compare the old and new (and yes, she calls it 'velcro' too - or is that 'belcro'?).


The tabs are larger for improved hold (and the laundry tabs are larger too, for a more secure grip in the wash), and the hook & loop itself is stronger, sticks better and is more durable - all highly desirable things in a hook & loop cover!

The other change to the Thirsties Nappy Covers is that they are now available in the same colour range as the Thirsties Duo Wraps - with all other colours being discontinued, except for Aqua, Celery, Baby Bird Blue & Baby Bird Lavender which are now also available in the Duo Wraps.

Check out the last of the discontinued Thirsties products - they're at clearance prices! - and we also have Thirsties products with the new hook & loop available now.
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