The Summer of Toilet Training

Toilet training...... one of the many joys of being the parent of a toddler! 

Summer is the perfect time to start toilet training your little one! Holidays, endless pant free warm days (unless of course you live in Melbourne!) and time spent at home is ideal for toilet training your toddler. 

Signs your child might be ready for toilet training: 

  • Dry nappies for up to 2 hours
  • Can communicate about wees and poos
  • Can pull own pants up and down

Tips for toilet training:  

  • Encourage your child to sit on the toilet regularly, particularly after waking up, drinks and meals
  • Praise all attempts at using the toilet
  • Try not to get frustrated when there are accidents
  • Avoid clothing that is hard to remove
  • Avoid using nappies except for nap times and overnight
  • Using training pants as a transitional tool and for when out and about. 

Products to support toilet training:

Darlings Downunder have a range of toilet training products to support you and your child's toilet training journey. 

  • Training Pants - Training pants such as Baby Beehinds Training Pants can be an excellent tool to support toilet training. They have absorbency in the pant itself, as well as a removable insert that can be taken out when the child is feeling more confident. The lining is made from cotton, allowing your child to feel wet.Training pants are excellent to use when out and about and for car trips. 
  • Overnight Bedwetting Pants - Most daytime training pants are not absorbent enough for the average bedwetter. Specific nighttime pants are ideal for overnight use for toilet trainers and older bedwetters. Super Undies Chameleon Bedwetting Undies These Nighttime Undies (Bedwetting Pants) are real waterproof nighttime underwear that are designed to help your child wake up with dry sheets. They have an internal waterproof leg gusset for added protection against leaks and fleece covered elastic legs and waist for a comfortable fit.
  • Brolly Sheets - Brolly sheets offer and extra level of protection overnight when using training pants or removing nighttime protection altogether. They are a bed pad that tucks under the mattress on each side. The absorbent middle layer and waterproof (yet breathable PUL) backing keeps the bottom sheet & mattress dry. When wet‚ it only takes seconds to replace with another. This means no more completely stripping the bed!!!

You can shop Darlings Downunder's full toilet training range here





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