The Cost of Disposable Bedwetting Pants Compared to Reusables

Bedwetting Undies are one the products that gets the most interest on our website and in-store. Finding appropriate reusable options for bedwetting children is not an easy task and people are often overjoyed to hear that we have a product that will keep their child's bed dry all night. That is, until they hear the price. "$65 for one???" is often the response we get. Yes, $65 for one pair of bed wetting undies seems like a lot compared to $1.30 for a disposable. However, when you take into account the bigger picture, the opposite is true.

Most toddlers are day toilet trained between ages 2 and 3, however night training often doesn't occur until around 5 or 6. That can mean 2-4 years of night time pull ups or nappies and the costs add up very quickly! See the table below for a comparison of industry leader "Dry Nites" compared to our Super Undies Chameleon Bedwetting Undies

Yes, reusables come with a large initial outlay, however the cost is recouped within around 6 months. PLUS you can reuse them for younger children, saving you, and the environment, even more!

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