The best backup nappy to have in your stash

So you want to extend you cloth nappy stash, or want to keep some extras in the cupboard in case of emergency, or prepare for the zombie apocolypse (when there'll be plenty of time for washing nappies in between the screaming and the running, I'm sure). What's the best reusable nappy to buy and have on hand, just in case?

Hands down, its a basic cotton terry towelling flat nappy. Though, for the love of Pete, step away from the pins - try a Snappi; they're awesome - and grab some modern style cloth nappy covers (so much better than PVC pilchers).


1. They're cheap: a dozen for under $50

2. They're easy to care far - NO SOAKING, no elastic to worry about, only one layer so they wash and dry really well. And NO SOAKING, no matter what Grandma says (Napisan doesn't contain chlorine bleach anymore so doesn't kill bacteria or make your nappies any cleaner, and a bucket of water is heavy to lift and a drowning hazard for toddlers).

3. Even if you never use them as nappies, they'll be used as burp cloths, changing mats, and cleaning rags for decades to come.

Oh, and here's some info on folding terry flat nappies (it's not that hard!)

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