Thank you, too

In this cloth nappy business of ours we not only get to see our own babies grow up, but our customers' babies too. Over the years the names become familiar...

From the emails asking for advice, and the prefolds and newborn nappies bought when a mum was expecting...

...through to the purchase of starter and bulk packs of One Size nappies as she worked out which nappy she liked best... asking questions about night options and heavy wetters...

...all the way through to reusable training pants.

Some come back to pick up more nappies for new babies (sometimes years later!), but eventually most gradually fade away from our website, inbox, newsletter and social media as their babies become little people with a whole world to explore.

Some pop back now and then to let us know that they've sent someone our way, or to set up a gift registry for their sister's baby shower, or buy a present for a friend.

Some hang around on our Facebook page to keep in touch with what's happening in the cloth nappy world that was once a part of their day.

But most head off into the big wide world with their growing children, leaving us behind. As they should...

So when a customer takes the time to say goodbye and thank us, it really makes the sun come out. It gives us the opportunity to say goodbye and thank you, too.

While nappies are only a tiny part of your baby's life, your choice to use cloth nappies for your baby has made it possible to us to run a successful business from home around our own children, to help other families, and to be part of the awesome cloth nappy industry. And that's what's amazing to us.

Thank you,

Fiona & Catherine

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