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Super Undies have a couple of reusable products suitable for older children at nighttime: the Super Undies Bedwetting undies and the Super Undies Nighttime Hero Pants. It can be confusing working out which one will suit you best as they seem similar to look at, but you may find one will suit your purposes better than the other.


As an aside...

When looking at absorbent night time options for older children experiencing bedwetting, it can be helpful to have an idea of your child’s output overnight. The easiest way to do this is to weigh a full nappy in the morning, subtract the weight of a dry nappy, and convert the weight (grams) to mls with a conversion rate of 1g = 1ml (which is pretty close for urine).

The average 6 year old has a bladder capacity of about 250ml and generally, urine production in children (and adults!) reduces overnight to about 50% of daytime levels thanks to the antidiuretic hormone (triggered by the circadian rhythm) as they get older. So usually a 400ml bedwetting pant - with a booster if necessary - is adequate for most children.

Some children have issues with the antidiuretic hormone not kicking in as early as in other children, meaning they produce a lot more urine overnight. It results in regular ‘floods’ overnight rather than occasional accidents or leaks. It's often hereditary - late drynighters tend to have children who are also bedwetters, and this is one of the main reasons. Children with a larger than average output overnight will often require additional boosting to their absorbency.

...back to the Super Undies

As above, there are two options to choose from for older children overnight:

The Super Undies Nighttime Undies are an All-in-One style - everything’s joined together. No assembly is required. You can see a video demo of the Nighttime Undies here:

The Super Undies Nighttime Hero Pants, on the other hand, are in two parts - the outer shell and an absorbent insert. Once the insert’s in the Hero, it’s ready to go, so is good to be pulled up and down. If you're used to using cloth nappies, then this 'All-in-2' style will be familiar to you.

The Super Undies Nighttime Undies holds 300-450ml (depending on the size) and the Super Undies Hero Pants hold 320-540mls (depending on the size). These will work for most overnight wetters, but a heavy overnight wetter will need to have more absorbency added in the form of boosters. Generally the Hero Pants are more absorbent and trimmer than the same size Nighttime Undies, but does have that additional assembly required. The sizing between the two is a bit different though, so look for the one that will suit your child the best.

PLEASE DO NOT SIZE UP! They are a generous sizing with lots of stretch, and choosing a size that does not fit your child will mean it will not fit snugly and leaks will occur.

There are 3 measurements that are used to get the right size - the waist, the legs and the rise (the measurement from the back waist, through the legs to the front waist - basically measuring how high a nappy is). Once children are past the baby stage, weight (and age) tends not be be as useful an indicator of fit as the actually measurements. The most important measurement is the leg - as that’s where leaks will occur if they’re not snug fitting. It’s quite common for these night time undies to sit underneath the belly rather than across it (depending on the shape of the child).

Nighttime Undies

  • Size 1 (cToddler 12.5-17kg) Waist 43.2cm-50.8cm‚ Rise 40.6cm‚ Legs 27.9cm-33cm Holds 300ml
  • Size 2 (c4-5yrs 14.5-19kg) Waist 47cm-55.9cm‚ Rise 45.7cm‚ Legs 30.5cm-35.6cm Holds 350ml
  • Size 3 (c6-9yrs 18-29.5kg) Waist 53.3cm-61cm‚ Rise 53.3cm‚ Legs 35.6cm-40.6cm Holds 400ml
  • Size 4 (c9-13yrs 27-38.5kg) Waist 55.9cm-71.1cm‚ Rise 58.4cm‚ Legs 38.1cm-43.2cmHolds 450ml

Hero Undies (measurements are at rest - they stretch quite a bit):

  • Size 0: (c18mths-2yrs) Waist 35.5cm, Legs 21.5cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 320ml
  • Size 1: (c3yrs) Waist 40.6cm, Legs 24cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 345ml
  • Size 2: (c4-6yrs) Waist 45.7cm, Legs 28cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 400ml
  • Size 3: (c6-9yrs) Waist 50.8cm, Legs 31.75cm, Microfibre Insert Set holds 540ml

We hope this little comparison helps you find the best Super Undies beddwetting undies to suit your child, but lest us know if you have any queries.

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