Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Nappy Review

We are thrilled that Victoria from Squiggles and Bubbles (and supporter member of the Australian Nappy Association) has agreed to do some guest posts for us! She's been trialling the new version of the Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy, and here is her review.

Seedling Baby Multi-Fit Pocket Nappy: Victoria's Review

Victoria is a qualified early childhood educator who is lucky enough to be a stay-at-home-mum to her three beautiful girls, Squiggles (3years), Bubbles (5years) and Jelly Bean (5months). When her schedule permits, she writes at Squiggles and Bubbles about the activities she creates with her girls in the hope of inspiring parents to engage in simple, meaningful play. 

How absolutely gorgeous is this nappy? Seriously it is adorable!

Jelly Bean was born 8lb 10.5oz and 52cm long, she fit into OSFM (One Size Fits Most/birth to potty) cloth nappies as soon as we brought her home from hospital at 3 days old.

We’ve been using the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy in a high rotation along with other OSFM nappies since Jelly Bean was four weeks old.

It was so difficult to get pictures of this nappy! I kid you not, every single time I put it on JB she would fill it! I can tell you - it holds up to the newborn breastfed poonamis, we never had a single leak.

The nappy comes with a stunning waterproof cover lined with a super soft suedecloth, a bamboo prefold and small microfibre booster.

I was a bit hesitant at first about trying the Seedling Baby Pocket Nappy as normally I prefer waist bands you can snap over - like you can with Bambooty Basics, I was worried not being able to do this would mean the nappy wouldn’t fit my newborn properly.

I was pleasantly surprised though as the waist was a perfect fit - so were the legs! Not just that, had JB been a smaller baby there was still plenty of room to make the nappy smaller making this the perfect OSFM for a small bub… or at least I guess it would be - I don’t have small babies so really that’s just conjecture!

The insert threw me at first as I’m not used to prefolds and to be honest it reminded me a bit of a tea towel! Once I got the hang of the prefold though I loved it. It’s super absorbant - which is awesome for when your baby is a heavy wetter but it also makes for a longer drying time. I wished I had two of them as the shell of the nappy dries really quickly.

5 months on and I still reach for this nappy first at changetime, and JB still almost immediately fills it so it must be comfy! At the end of the day it does it’s job well holding poos and wees, it washes super well, dries ok, is easy to stuff (always a plus in a pocket nappy!) and looks fabulous so it gets a thumbs up from us!

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