Saving Money with Reusables

With the recent interest rate increases many families are looking for ways to save money and reduce their monthly bills. Reusable items are an excellent way to help cuts costs in your household! Reusable items can be used over and over again, are cheaper than continually purchasing disposables, are more environmentally friendly and reduce your household waste. It's a win win! Here are some reusable option to consider for your family:

  • Cloth Wipes - Did you know most families spend around $500 a year on disposable wipes? Cloth Wipes are an excellent alternative. They are easy to use, super effective in cleaning the hands, faces and bottoms of your little people and can be thrown in with your general household washing. They can be purchased as kits containing everything you need
    • including storage containers, fragrant oil to add to your water and wet bags to use when out and about. A Cheeky Wipes All in One Complete Kit is $139.95 and contains everything you need for a complete wipes system. If a kit is out of your budget, a pack of wipes and a spray bottle or drink bottle with water to wet them is just as effective! Cheeky Wipes Cloth Wipes come in a pack of 10 for $22 or a bulk pack of 25 for $44, the same amount as most families spend on disposable wipes in a month yet they can be used continually for years.
  • Cloth Breast Pads -Breast pads can be a costly necessity when breastfeeding, with many mum going through boxes of breast pads every week! Cloth Breast Pads are comfortable, incredibly soft and gentle on sore nipple and can be washed and used again throughout your breastfeeding journey. A single pair of breast pads costs around $6.95. 
  • Cloth Menstrual Pads - A monthly must for most women! Cloth menstrual pads are extremely absorbent, comfortable and are easily rinsed under the tap then washed with your general household washing. We currently have 40% off Twinkle Lily Cloth Pads making them extremely
     cost effective!  


  • Swim Nappies
     - Disposable Swim Nappies can be extremely expensive yet are essential for swimming lessons, holidays and Summer in general! A reusable swim nappy is a must have for your baby or toddler. Most are adjustable and grow with your child meaning that it will likely fit from newborn rig
    ht up until your child is toilet trained. They also have super cute patterns on them so can used instead of bather bottoms! Seedling Paddles Pants are $24.95 and well worth the money!
  • Wet Bags - an excellent alternative to plastic bags. Wet Bags can be used for everything from breast pads and cloth nappies to wet swimwear and dirty clothes. They come in many shapes, sizes and patterns.
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