REVIEWS: Bubblebubs Pebbles AIO Newborn Nappy

We recently asked a couple of new mums to try the new Bubblebubs Pebbles AIO Newborn Nappy and provide their feedback. Here's what they think about this awesome little reusable nappy:


"As a first time mother I bought a range of cloth nappies not knowing which ones I would like. The Pebbles All-in-One is by far the easiest to use as it goes on exactly like a disposable nappy (even my husband can’t stuff it up!). Washing is simple as there are no parts to separate (and therefore no extra handling once it’s dirty), nothing to lose in the wash and no reassembly needed before it’s used next. The fold-out booster means the Pebbles All-in-One is quick and easy to dry."

Isn't Galit's little one adorable?


"What a gorgeously soft and neat little nappy. There’s nothing tricky to it. It’s easy to assemble, just fold the flap and secure around the waist of your little bub. The Pebbles nappy fitted my 4.4kg week old nicely with plenty of room for growth. There's a few little tricks that I learnt as I was initially experiencing leaks within 2 hours. Make sure you give the nappy a good stretch before fitting on your bub and the insert can be folded to have either the minky or bamboo against bubs skin. I ended up adding a mini booster to the nappy as it seems I have a heavy wetting baby and this resulted in a very reliable nappy. Even with the boosting it was still a very trim nappy that I found myself reaching for. It’s a great nappy if your wanting to use cloth nappies on your newborn and are just starting out as its basically the same as a disposable hence easy for husbands as well."


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