Old Fashioned Cloth Nappies Are Boring!

Traditional cloth nappies like flats (terry squares) and prefolds contrast to more recent styles not only in their design, but in their look.

Modern cloth nappies come in every colour and print under the sun. Flats and prefolds usually come in white or cream/natural. Many people prefer this. I can't tell you how many people have told me they love seeing a line of white terry flats hanging on the line.

But what happens if you like a little colour in your life?

Nappy covers are the obvious solution. Many people who are considering using flats, but haven't yet discovered the world of modern cloth nappies, don't realise that covers are no longer white pilchers or PVC pants, but are also available in whatever suits your fancy.



But what about the nappies themselves?

When I was 11, my youngest brother was born. This is a picture of him helping us at an expo when he was quite a bit bigger! I was quite the little mother and I used to help change his nappies. Now my mum had a large stash of white terry squares that she'd used on all five of us, but for some reason, when my brother was born, a bright red flat was added to the stash. I don't know if someone gave it to my mum, or if she dyed it herself, but I LOVED this nappy as it was so bright and cheerful, and I'd always change my brother into the red nappy when there was a choice. There's unfortunately no photo evidence of this nappy, for which my brother is probably grateful!

So, one of my favourite way to spice up a stash of 'boring' white nappies is to dye them!  

Brightens up the washing basket a bit, doesn't it? Just note that some dyes are not as colourfast as others, so check this before buying dye if fading over time will bother you.

Another option, if you're a sewer, is to sew a layer of colourful cotton print fabric or a printed microfleece (for a bonus stay dry layer) on one side (or in a centre panel) of your flat or prefold. Just remember that snappis won't grip these fabrics so take this into account when placing your fabric.

Don't be afraid to pretty up your stash of 'boring, old fashioned nappies' if it bothers you, and if it doesn't, then keep flying those white flags of awesomeness flying on your washing line. You're fab either way!

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