NEW Pikapu AIO One Size Nappy Demonstration

So, towards the end of last year we heard some exciting news about one of our long time brands - Pikapu. Pikapu now has a new owner (still Australian!) and a new range! The biggest changes are to the flagship nappy, the Pikapu AIO Onesize Nappy.

Now the new owner has kept everything we love about the Pikapu All-in-One Nappy:

  • large size range fitting from 3 to 18kg
  • same easy to use, fast drying design
  • leg gussets for great fit
  • attractive price point of $29.95 each (less in packages)

...but has updated it exactly the way that we hoped - a layer of bamboo fabric has been added to give this nappy the little extra oomph it needed for heavier wetters without increasing drying time!

And the coolest update is the new range of colours and prints. Instead of boring, solid colours, the new Pikapu AIO Nappy comes in a rainbow of pinstripes. This is such a sophisticated look and we love it!

We've made a video demo of the new new Pikapu Onesize AIO Nappy below, but you can also checkout this useful review from Victoria on the original Pikapu for more info on how this nappy performs in real life.



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