Introducing Our 'Complete Trial Package'

Are you wanting to start your cloth nappy journey but not sure how? Our Complete Trial Package is perfect for you!


It contains 6 of our best selling one size fits most, all in 2 nappies so that you can try them on your baby and see which ones you like best before committing to a whole stash! These nappies are designed to fit from average newborn (around 3.5kg) to toilet training. They all come with a water resistant shell and inserts.

You will also receive 2 different size, water resistant, wet bags; an EcoNaps day tripper wet bag perfect for dirty nappies while out and about, and a Seedling Baby Teeny Tote which is the perfect size for cloth wipes and breast pads.

The package is topped off with a 10 pack of Here & After cloth wipes.

The Complete Trial Package Includes:

Price: $234.99 save $40.50

The best part...... you get to choose the prints for each of the items in this package!

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