How to fold a prefold

Prefold nappies can be a great option for newborns (and older babies too), they're an economical way of increasing your stash, they can take quite a bit of rough treatment (especially the cotton ones) and they dry quickly.

Prefolds are what they've been using in North America for decades, while we were all using terry towelling squares. Because there's no history of widespread use of prefolds in Australia, it can be a bit confusing when you first come across mention of them - especially since 'prefold' implies no folding!

So we've put together a video showing some of our favourite ways to fold a prefold:
- the pad fold
- the angel wing fold
- the bikini twist fold
- the jellyroll fold

We hope you find it helpful!

DISCLAIMER - added at the insistence of a certain indignant best friend of a certain teddy bear: Theo Bear is 8 years old and DOES NOT need a nappy!

Please note that while we appreciate Theo's foreBEARance, his contribution was for purely educational purposes and we did not mean to imply that he needed the products he was so helpful to demonstrate. Sorry, Mum.

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