Grovia ONE Nappy: Customer Review

We were very excited when the GroVia O.N.E. Nappy arrived recently, and we asked one of our long time customers, Lori Pavic, to put it through its paces and report back on what she REALLY thought about this highly anticipated nappy!

Hi I'm Lori, previously a nurse and now a stay at home mum to 3 beautiful children, the youngest of whom is 8.5 months old. I've been using cloth for over 4.5 years now, and am a huge advocate of cloth and other environmentally friendly products.


I have been waiting to try the GroVia ONE nappy for quite some time and had a lot of high hopes, and I am pleased to say it did not disappoint! At a retail price of $30 it isn't in the cheapest range of nappies on the market (certainly not the most expensive either), but for the quality you are getting it is definitely worth it in my opinion. 

GroVia nappies have long been a favourite of mine as they are durable (all of mine are still in perfect condition even after 4 or so years), trim, great prints and colours, and on the whole very absorbent. The ONE nappy is marketed to be a simplified and more versatile product in the GroVia line and is one-size-fits-most, can be used with either velcro or snaps, and does not require any special washing routine other than no fabric softeners of course. 

The Basics

The ONE is super easy to adjust with a 3-snap rise, and can be left snapped down for washing. The soaker snaps in with a single snap at the back of the shell, and it also comes with a second slightly smaller soaker (or booster) which attaches to the main soaker with a single snap. The shell itself and all soakers are topped with an amazingly soft microfleece, meaning extra comfort for baby and no diggy bits on the skin. This is particularly nice for smaller babies or newborns as they have such sensitive skin. The super absorbent cotton in the soakers is also beautiful and soft, and it doesn't go crunchy in the wash as I find some other cotton nappies do.


Velcro OR Snaps

Probably the greatest thing about this nappy is the fact that it has velcro panels for the waist that snap on and off, which is fantastic for those who don't like to use snaps and also for those times when baby is between waist snaps and you just can't get that perfect fit. I love the fact that the velcro panels can be removed for washing too, as this means they will ultimately last longer and you don't get those annoying nappy chains in the wash!


The ONE is not quite as trim as say the super-trim GroVia AIO Nappy, but all in all it is still a very trim nappy and fits perfectly well under my baby's clothes. It is slightly more fluffy with the extra booster snapped in too, but I didn't have a problem fitting it under most clothes. Most of the time the extra booster probably isn't needed for regular day use anyway.


My 8.5 month old daughter has started out-wetting a lot of her nappies, so at first I was hesitant to use only the main soaker without the booster. But I'm happy to say it did not leak even after several hours and during naps! I'm yet to try this nappy for overnight, but I have read that it works really well for nighttime with the extra booster. I would consider the ONE to be one of those reliable nappies you could happily take bub for an outing in and not be paranoid about leaks or constant changing.

Lori's Verdict

It is a big call as I have tried my fair share of cloth nappies, but it's safe to say I could actually have a whole stash made up of just these. It's easy enough for dads, grandparents and daycares, it's perfect for families with more than one child in cloth as it's easy to adjust between sizes, it's reliable and durable, and there is no stuffing soakers or endless amounts of snaps to put soakers back in. I can't wait to see what prints and colours they bring out in future!


Thanks, Lori! xx Fiona & Catherine

And here's a little demonstration giving you a close up of the GroVia ONE Nappy:

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