Getting Started With Cloth Nappies


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#startwithonenappy is campaign started by Eva from Seedling Baby to to help parents who are new to cloth nappies understand the impact that just one reusable nappy can have. Through this campaign we strive to equip parents with the information and resources they need to make a gentle, manageable and highly rewarding shift to reusable alternatives.

Here's a round up of our most popular articles to help you get started with cloth nappies.

1. Sometimes I think the hardest thing about cloth nappies is choosing which one to buy first! It's not like it was when I was a baby - you could choose terry or flannelette squares, and that was it! Because we (and our babies) are all so different, we recommend not buying an entire stash of one nappy before you've had a chance to use one. Starting with one cloth nappy - or a single sample of each of the ones that appeal to you - is often the best way to start. Once you start using your first cloth nappy, you very quickly discover what features you want or need in your next one.


2. A lot of people come to reusable nappies for their first baby, but there are plenty of parents who use disposable nappies and want to switch to cloth nappies. This article has helpful tips for parents who want to make the transition with as little stress as possible.


3. Most modern cloth nappies adjust to fit from birth (or close to) all the way to toilet training, which is awesome for the budget, but adds the need to adjust the nappy as your baby grows. It's not as confusing as it seems, though. This article has some great tips on how a One Size Fits Most nappy should fit at each stage.


4. I'm not going to pretend that having to deal with poo is not a concern of many parents when it comes to reusable nappies. There are ways to reduce the contact you will have with the substance.


5. Washing cloth nappies: here's our general advice for washing cloth nappies. A big tip if you're starting with just one nappy (or not enough nappies to make a full load), is to do a short wash/rinse of the nappy/ies by themselves to get rid of most of the poo/wee, and then add in other laundry to make up a full load and run your full cycle.

6. Once you're feeling comfortable with your first nappy, you can start to build your cloth nappy stash ('stash' is the collective noun for reusable nappies!). If budget is a factor for you, here's some ideas for building your stash.

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