Flat Nappy Folds: Kite Fold

This is the last in our little series looking at some great ways to fold a traditional square flat nappy. And this is the first nappy fold that both Catherine and I learned EVER - a very long time ago.

You see, this popular nappy fold - the 'Kite Fold' - was our mum's favourite fold, and I remember her showing me how to fold it and put it on our youngest brother about 25 years ago.

This is him helping us out at an Expo - which he'll never do again now that we've mentioned changing his nappy!


As you can see, he's well past the nappy stage, but the Kite Fold has stood the test of time. It's great for older babies (as it can be a bit bulky around the legs for smaller bubs), provides great coverage, and extra absorbency can be easily added by popping a booster inside. I like to use this fold for toddlers.

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