Flat Nappy Folds: Converting a flat cloth nappy into an 'angel wing' nappy


The 'angel wing' is one of the most popular ways to fold a prefold nappy - it's quick and easy and provides more coverage than a prefold pad folded into a cover.

But what happens if you love the fit of the 'angel wing', but you only have flat cloth nappies?

Here are two ways to convert a traditional square flat cloth nappy into an 'angel wing' prefold cloth nappy.

Jo Fold

The 'Jo Fold' is easy to do, and you can even part fold a bunch of them and stack them ready to go to save time at change time.

This fold is especially great if you want to use a terry flat on a little baby as it spreads the thickness evenly. It only has two layers of fabric at the small of the back so isn't too bulky to lie on.

While the size and fit of 'Jo Fold' can be adjusted by folding the original square smaller or larger, when your baby is a toddler you might want to check out this way of converting a flat cloth nappy into an 'angel wing' nappy.

Angel Flat


If you want to go the traditional cloth nappy route, or would like to bulk up your stash with some handy economical nappies that are super versatile, then check out the Back to Basics Campaign running for all of June 2014. You can get some great deals on Bumboo Bamboo flats and prefolds.
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