Cloth Nappy Workshops at Darlings Downunder


We often get asked about what we cover in our workshops. The short answer..... everything! 

 Our workshops are done in small groups meaning that they can be personalised to your situation. There is plenty of conversation, banter, touching, feeling and trying products. Our workshops are very relaxed and we aim to make them as fun and comfortable as possible.

 We cover the following topics in our Cloth Nappy Workshop:

  • The environmental impact of cloth nappies vs disposables.
  • The financial impact of cloth nappies vs disposables. 
  • Other impacts of cloth vs disposables including health.
  • Different styles of cloth nappies and how to use them.
  • The materials used in cloth nappies.
  • Fitting a cloth nappy on your baby.
  • How many cloth nappies you will need.
  • Washing cloth nappies effectively.
  • Other useful things to consider if you are using cloth nappies including cloth wipes, wet bags and many more things. 
  • How to choose cloth nappies for your baby.
  • Useful resources.

Our workshops generally run for about an hour and there is plenty of time to ask questions and get a feel for the products. 

October, November and December dates are now live on the website so if you want to attend a workshop before Christmas now is the time to book! Workshops are $20, however you will receive a $20 voucher upon attendance of your workshop. 

If you can't attend a workshop, feel free to pop into the shop any time and we are happy to give you a demonstration. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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