Cloth Nappies in Childcare Resource

Added on 24 June 2015

Is your child care centre happy to use cloth nappies on your child? Have you come up against refusals, extra rules, and concerns that cloth nappies are harder to use and create more work for the centre staff?



The Australian Nappy Association has just launched a resource for parents who want to provide up to date information and helpful advice to their carers, as well as for child care providers who want to provide continuity of care and promote best practice cloth nappy use at their centres.  

If you have kids in childcare and want to support your centre in using cloth nappies, please visit the Australian Nappy Association website and download this free resource now.

Encouraging the acceptance of cloth nappies within our communities is an important way we can all be 'cloth nappy ambassadors'! If you know a family or a centre who could use this resource, please let them know about it.

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