Bubblebubs Candies All-in-2 Cloth Nappy Review

We are thrilled that Victoria's (from Squiggles and Bubbles and supporter member of the Australian Nappy Association) sister-in-law is writing some guest posts for us as she uses cloth nappies for the first time with her newborn baby! The popular Bubblebubs Candies All-in-2 Modern Cloth Nappy is the first one, and here is her review.

Bubblebubs Candies Nappy: Mummy A's Review

Mummy A is a stay-at-home mum to newborn baby girl, Squishels and loving, wife of Daddy J. In her free time, she enjoys studying early childhood development and psychology, as well as sharing her experiences as a parent on blogs like Squiggles and Bubbles.

Hi there! This is Mummy A (age 21) with baby Squishels (now a screaming sleepless 12 week old). Squishels was born 4.081kg heavy, 53cm long and fed three-hourly, and has grown to be 59cm long, 5.5kg heavy and enjoys giggling and playing with materials!


Squishels has been fully breastfed since birth (something I only sometimes enjoy!) and using cloth nappies most of the time (we very rarely use disposables when out and about). With the runny breastmilk poos, we just dry-pail the nappies until we have a bucketful, which is then washed in a long cold wash with an eco-friendly detergent and line-dried with access to the sun if possible (not that there’s been much sun around!).

It was really handy reading the Australian Nappy Association ‘handy tips’ factsheet to figure out how to use nappy rash cream with cloth nappies (use a liner!) and to not use vinegar to wash nappies (apparently, it breaks materials down).


I love the Bubblebubs Candies. Absolutely love them. I even went out and bought two more the day after I first used this one on my newborn. It has a great fit and looks adorable, with heaps of absorbency even just in the trifold, making it great for holding newborn pee and poop held in for two days.


The downsides to this nappy are that it is quite a bulky nappy on a newborn, and the side snaps are really confusing and difficult (but then again, they’ll be more difficult for Squishels to take off once she gets a little bit older!). The inserts take a longer time to dry, and can stain a little bit more than expected with poop, but the poop stain just needed an extra wash.


We also purchased the Bubblebubs Botty Balm nappy rash cream as a cloth friendly alternative. We were so shocked at how quickly it conquered the nappy rash, whilst smelling AMAZING, that I just had to recommend this other Bubblebubs product.

Even with the downsides of it being a bulky, side-snapping nappy that takes a while to dry, I’d still give this nappy a 5/5 because of its fit, absorbency and great quality!

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