Big Changes to Darlings Downunder

It has been almost 4 months since we took over Darlings Downunder and the time has flown! We have made many changes to the business and make sure you read to the end of this post for some important announcements about upcoming changes.

We thought it was about time we introduced ourselves!!!

Our names are Kirralee, Leesa and Brenda and we are running Darlings Downunder as a family business. 
Leesa is the mum of a one year old baby and a 3 year old. When Leesa first began looking at cloth nappies for her first daughter, she was surprised that there wasn’t any support where she lived. She made a trip to Ringwood to Darlings Downunder where the fabulous Fiona helped her to purchase a stash of cloth nappies. The information Leesa gained at Darlings Downunder was invaluable and put all her fears around cloth nappies at ease. It really didn’t seem as difficult as she had been led to believe. She is a lover and advocate of cloth nappies.
Kirralee is a new mum to a beautiful 2 week old baby boy! She is passionate about cloth nappies and has learnt so much about cloth nappies by using them first hand on her nieces. She is learning all about cloth nappying a newborn and is testing out all the newborn nappies! 
Nanny Brenda can often be seen in the shop looking after the grandkids or lending an extra pair of hands when needed. 
Since taking over the business we have been very very busy! We moved the store to Kyneton, closer to where we live. We have introduced many new products including eco friendly toys, silicone dinnerware, teethers, beeswax crayons, hats, organic skincare and dummies. Many of these products are currently available instore only BUT NOT FOR LONG! We are about to launch a brand new website!!! It will have a new, fresh look but will still have all the important cloth nappy information that you need. You will still be able to shop all of your favourite cloth nappy brands (as well as some new brands coming soon!) plus you will have full online access to all the products that we stock instore. See below for a sneak peek! 
We are so excited about all the changes we are making to Darlings Downunder and hope you are too!


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