Beginning Cloth Nappies On A Budget

With interest rates continually rising, many families are looking to cloth nappies as a way of reducing their spending. There are many ways that you can begin using cloth nappies depending on your budget. 

Flats/Prefolds/Preflats and Covers

The most effective way to cloth nappy you baby is to use either flats, prefolds or preflats with a waterproof cover.

Flats starts at as little as $5 each, however do require some folding or origami. You can learn how to fold flats here. Premium bamboo terry flats are the most absorbent flat nappy however do come with an increased price point of $16.95 each.

Prefolds and Preflats are a little easier to use and start at around $12 per nappy. Some preflats also come with an insert which you can use in an all in 2 nappy if you choose to down the track. You can learn how to fold prefolds here.

Covers start at $24.95 but can be reused throughout the day as long as they are not soiled and the elastics aren't wet. 

Multi-Buy Discounts

Purchases of 6 or more nappies will save you upwards of 10%. The more you buy the more you save. If you can't afford to buy a full stash straight away, buying 6 at a time reduces the initial outlay and will save you money in the long run. You can find more about multibuy discounts and packages here.

Start With One

There is no reason that you have to buy an entire cloth nappy stash in one hit. Start with one and see how you go! If you like it, work out a plan to increase your stash over time. This may be buying 1 nappy per week or 1 days worth of nappies per week. You set the budget and we will help you form an achievable plan.


When you are pregnant you will be continually asked what you need for the baby. We have an easy answer for you...... CLOTH NAPPIES! Ask for cloth nappies or gift vouchers as baby shower or baby gifts. It will help you to build your stash and give your family and friends some useful gift ideas. No one really needs 28 fluffy blankets!

Buy Now Pay Later

We offer both After Pay and Zip Pay at Darlings Downunder so that you can purchase a full stash and pay it of over a time frame that suits your budget. 


If you want to use cloth and need some help finding a way to make it work within your budget please contact us and we will help you come up with a plan. 



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