Back to Basics with Traditional Cloth Nappies

This week we’re going back to basics and putting the spotlight on the sometimes overlooked - but seriously awesome - traditional cloth nappy options. Yep, we’re talking flats (or terry squares) and prefolds!

Don’t run away!!!



Before anyone rejects the idea, give us a chance this week to prove that flats and prefolds aren’t that complicated, they’re a great bonus to have in your stash even if you plan on using more modern styles of cloth nappies, and that there isn’t a cloth napping option that’s as economical, versatile or easy to care for.

Even if you don't think you'll use them, perhaps you know someone who might, feel free to share.

So, this week, we’ll be bringing you advice to make using flats & prefolds less scary, a great competion to add some of these versatile traditional options to your stash, and a few surprises!

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